Hyundai Digital Key Technology


The fully redesigned 2020 Hyundai Sonata, due this fall, will be equipped with some of the newest and most exciting features available. This sedan will stand out in the automotive world as the only car to have Digital Key technology. The Digital Key will allow the Sonata driver to unlock the car, start the ignition, and activate the horn and panic alert from their smartphone. This convenient technology is not exactly new, but the Sonata's version has a distinct feature that separates it from similar tech.

Hyundai's Digital Key implements near field communication (NFC) technology-a secure wireless data communication technology that enables the smartphone to unlock the vehicle from within several centimeters of the reader that's installed in the car. This means that Sonata owners do not even need to carry a traditional set of car keys to drive their car anymore. Just holding the smartphone up to the driver's-side handle will unlock the car. Then, if you place the phone onto the wireless charger/NFC reader you will have full access to the vehicle. The Digital Key can also be customized to allow different levels of vehicle access for specified periods. That way, if the car's owner lends it to someone they can predetermine the duration of vehicle use, limit the features that are enabled, and even remotely revoke that access.

Eligible trim levels of the Sonata will come with a set of traditional keys and an NFC card. The NFC card acts as a backup Digital Key and can be given to a parking attendant or valet driver so that they can operate the vehicle as needed while the driver isn't there. As of now, the Digital Key technology works exclusively with Android phones, because those are the only smartphones currently set up with NFC capability. You can expect to see this technology when the 2020 Sonatas arrive in dealerships in October 2019.

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